November 29, 2020


Dear HCVMS members,

2020’s “Corona- apocalypse” has brought unprecedented challenges to the whole of humanity.   Unfortunately, many lives were lost. Our heart goes out to those who lost loved ones to this heinous pandemic.

Covid -19 changed the dynamics of how we live, interact with each other, and do business.

While we were unable to provide our traditional CE opportunities in 2020, we do appreciate your patience and understanding.  Your HCVMS Board continued to meet, overseeing the challenges brought about by the pandemic in our county.  For this reason, we are asking that you please answer a brief survey concerning future CE opportunities and preferences which will be sent to you within the following days.

We are ready to welcome 2021 with a positive outlook! The pandemic might have taken many dear things away, but it cannot take our faith, our principles, our values, and our spirits. We shall prevail and continue to thrive.

On behalf of my fellow Board members and myself, I want to wish you and your families a happy holiday season.  May you be blessed with health, love, and prosperity!

Yours Sincerely,

Adriana Odachowski, DVM

HCVMS President