Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center, our county’s only open admission shelter, is in dire need of veterinarians. They are currently staffed with one full time veterinarian and have 3 full time vacancies. Due to the staff shortage and this being the busiest time of year for the shelter, PRC is looking for veterinarians to help for a day, whenever possible, at a rate of $75/hr.

There is a wide variety of needs in both surgery and wellness care. Dogs and cats must be sterilized and treated before adoption, so this staff shortage will affect the ability of PRC to meet the needs of the community in the short run without our help.

For anyone who has not toured the PRC shelter recently, they have a state of the art medical and surgical facility and an excellent support staff. Please consider lending a hand in this crisis.

Contact: Craig Horner at the Pet Resource Center

Thank You,
Your HCVMS Board